Mom Inday bashes Gretchen and defends Claudine

Inday Barretto has finally come out in the open to defend daughter Claudine against her older sister Gretchen.

In a statement sent to Philippine Star entertainment editor Ricky Lo and dated April 22, Inday said she is correcting Gretchen’s “lies” on the following issues:

1. Gretchen’s claim that Claudine will block niece Julia Barretto’s entry in Star Magic.

“Who did Claudine say it to… to you? Or did you make this up to put Claudine in trouble with Star Magic and make Julia’s big following angry with Claudine? You did that before,” Inday said.

2. Claudine’s “statement” that she is the one and only Teleserye Princess in ABS-CBN.

“Did she tell you that or did you make it up again to block her entry to an ABS-CBN project” Inday pointedly addressed Gretchen.

3. Claudine’s alleged plan to ruin Julia’s career.

“Next to Marjorie (Barretto, Julia’s mom), no one can love those (Marjorie’s children) more than Claudine!!!” Inday stressed.  She also told Gretchen not to make fools of the public since they know that “Claudine holds no power over the industry.”

The feisty Barretto matriarch admitted  Raymart Santiago, Claudine’s husband,  has left the conjugal home. Implying that it was Gretchen who let the cat out of the bag, Inday asked her, “Do you also want to include God in your ‘bashing’ and drip your perfumed saliva for the misfortune of your sister?”

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Inday revealed that while Claudine did throw plastic plates and drinking containers one time, Gretchen broke expensive plates and vases when she threatened to swallow pills.  Inday   recounted how she ran, soaking wet, to the car parked outside at the height of a strong typhoon to protect herself from the flying objects.

“Pinalayas ako!”  Inday exclaimed.

She denied that Claudine has “mental illness.”  “Mental torture,”  the mom corrected, is more like it.

The Barretto matriarch revealed that Gretchen’s “verbal abuse” towards  Claudine’s family has taken the form of name calling:

. Sabina – negra daughter of yours
. Santino – abnoy
. Raymart – bakla for not siding with you

Inday ordered Gretchen not to call Claudine evil and to stop attacking the latter.

“I am going to take all the bullets you shoot,” Inday promised.

She ended her expose by saying that she’s letting go of Gretchen to save Claudine.

“I am letting go of a child now who never wanted me in order to save one who has always been there for all, and with all of her love – Claudine!”

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