Miss World Philippines 2014: Candidate No. 7 Rachel Louise Peters

Kai Magsanoc
<h2 id=yui_3_9_1_1_1411383478138_1749>Candidate number 7 Rachel Louise Peters</h2>

Candidate number 7 Rachel Louise Peters

Miss World Philippines 2014: Candidate No. 7 Rachel Louise Peters

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22 years old

Rachel grew up in several countries: she was born in Bahrain, raised in Manila, moved to Phuket (Thailand), went to college in Australia, and is now back in her "favorite" country, the Philippines.

Rachel calls herself a scaredy cat when it comes to watching scary movies. She will watch them with her hands covering her eyes (with just a tiny peep hole), and her fingers plugged into her ears.

Rachel works closely with an orphanage called Hablondawani in Camsur, an orphanage that houses girls aged 5 to 21 who have been physically abused. They live and study in the orphanage while undergoing therapy, until they are ready to be out again in the real world. Rachel says she visits the girls often just to spend time with them, or she brings them gifts to boost their creavity and brighten their day.

"They're such bright and hopeful girls. I'll do everything I can to help make them believe that there's a brighter future ahead."

Rachel believes she should be Miss World Philippines 2014 because she is ready for the responsibility that comes with the crown. She has worked hard and has been dedicated to her cause, and is ready to sacrifice her time to help those in need — more importantly, to represent the country on the Miss World stage.

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