Miss World Philippines 2014: Candidate No. 17 Kimberly Pajares

Get to know Kim in this exclusive interview by Yahoo Philippines

<h2 id=yui_3_9_1_1_1411383478138_2193>Candidate number 17 Kimberly Pajares</h2>

Candidate number 17 Kimberly Pajares

Miss World Philippines 2014: Candidate No. 17 Kimberly Pajares

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24 years old

Kim took up Nursing in Bataan and was also a player in the school's volleyball team. As a registered nurse, Kim worked in a government hospital for two years.

Kim also once joined the Miss Casino Filipino pageant. She is a dog lover and a frustrated singer.

Kim believes that being a registered nurse will greatly help in her advocacy. She believes that she is a good example of "beauty with a purpose" because she has a heart for service. She wants to continue helping people in need.

Kim says she should be the next Miss World Philippines because she will be a good ambassadress of goodwill. She can use the title to give hope, enlighten people and help make their lives worth living.

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