Miss World Philippines 2014: Candidate No. 12 Christine Balaguer

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<h2 id=yui_3_9_1_1_1411383478138_1952>Candidate number 12 Christine Balaguer</h2>

Candidate number 12 Christine Balaguer

Miss World Philippines 2014: Candidate No. 12 Christine Balaguer

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24 years old

Tin-tin loves sports. She loves to swim, jog and ride her bicycle. The last marathon she joined was a 42-km distance run. She also plays football and is part of the Dragon Boat team.

Tin-tin's advocacy is to be a role model for disabled and deaf people like her. She wants to be an inspiration to them and to boost their confidence; show them that they can achieve everything in life if they believe that they can, despite their disabilities.

Tin-tin hopes to be crowned Miss World Philippines 2014 because she would like to show the world that disabled people can also be successful if they are beautiful and if they use their talents to help others. She also wants to show the world that there is more than physical beauty in a person.

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