Maegan suspects Ka Freddie married a ‘mangkukulam’

Maegan Aguilar speaks to Yahoo Philippines in a tell-all interview on Tuesday (May 21) (Yahoo)

Maegan Aguilar, singer Freddie Aguilar’s estranged daughter, couldn’t blame anyone about her father being “out of character” but her 17-year-old stepmom Jovie Albao.

“What happened to this house? I have no one else to blame but the wife,” she told Yahoo Philippines Tuesday in a hotel in Pasay City where she and her family are living in transient since they were kicked out of the house on May 12.

Maegan thinks everything in the Aguilars’ Fairview residence has become stranger by the day since Jovie became queen of the household.

“My father was never like that in his whole life. And I have known him for 35 years. He had never been this way,” Maegan stressed.

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It’s been over a week since her dad threw them out of the house because of “rotten veggies” and an unpaid P1,500 debt. Quite embarrassing and pathetic, Maeagan conceded, since she comes from a well-off family, with yayas attending to their needs.

She still vividly remembers how her father—with eyes glaring and skin turning red—screamed, when they parted: “Ikaw ang pinakamasamang anak ko. Akala mo ba proud ako sa'yo? Hindi. Lumayas kayong lahat!”

Series of unfortunate events

It’s like her 61-year-old father is under his teenage wife’s spell.

“Malakas 'yung kutob ko na kinulam si Tatay o ginayuma. Kasi 'yung family ni Jovie na sinasabi niyang family niya, hindi niya kamukha. Mukha silang mga mangkukulam. 'Yung mga hitsura nila mukhang hindi gagawa ng mabuti.”

Maegan said she could sense something “strange and shady” invading a once normal household.

Her suspicions grew as days before she was evicted, Maegan said Jovie also had their cook and maid kicked out of the house.

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“The plan of the girl was to get us all out of the house while my father's in Europe for a month,” Maegan explained, referring to Freddie’s trip abroad this month.

She knows the feeling because Meagan is no stranger to black magic herself.

“Ako nakulam din ako at some point in my life. I had an ex (-boyfriend) that did the same to me. And I was the same way. Anything he said, ‘yun ang nangyari.”

She recalls how she recovered from the “spell”: “I just snapped out of it because my titas (the sisters of my dad) and my lola (the mom of my dad), they know about that... about black magic, kulam. It does exist. We can't deny it na nandyan. May studies about it.”

Dad in danger

While acknowledging that her dad could be in danger, Freddie’s 35-year-old “anak” said she won’t be on her dad’s side anymore.

“He's in danger because he puts himself in that situation. And now na pinalayas niya ko sa bahay, lalo nang walang tao doon to stop what is happening.”

Maegan added, “He’s like under some weird spell. He doesn’t listen to anyone anymore.”

No reconciliation in sight

Maegan, recalling an incident when she left home 17 years ago, stressed that she’s prepared to be disowned by her father this time around.

"It was about rebellion. I was young and I was angry. And now I'm 35… I know why I'm angry. I have reasons now. And pwede kong isa-isahin lahat ng dahilan ko for being mad, being angry and being regretful about being an Aguilar."