Jun Jihyun reveals her love story and propose

HAN Ah-Yeong
Jun Jihyun reveals her love story and propose

Jun Jihyun talked about her love story and propose.

On 13th, Jun Jihyun appeared at a press conference prior to her wedding.

Jun Jihyun appeared in a white dress, and said, "Thank you so much for coming."

Jun Jihyun told that she first met her groom 2 years ago. When she was asked about the propose, she said, "He suddenly told me to bring my passport. I did so, and he just went to the airport and got me on a plane to Japan. He proposed me there."

Furthermore, when she was asked why she wasn't wearing the ring, she replied "I'll be wearing it during the wedding ceremony."

Regarding the baby, she said, "We haven't really talked about it much. We'll have to think about it more deeply. I don't know what to say, and I just hope that the wedding will finish well."

On the other hand, Minister of Justice Kwon Jaejin officiated at the wedding, and singer Yi Juk sang the nuptial song, celebrating the marriage of Korea's hottest actress.