Jodi not yet ready to remarry

Maridol Rañoa-Bismark
Jodi Sta. Maria (Photo courtesy of Kelvin Lamboloto)

Is Jodi Sta.Maria ready to tie the knot  again, now that the  annulment of her marriage to Pampi Lacson Is, as she puts it, “on the way?”

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The answer is no.

The  new Purefoods  FunStuff endorser (with seven-year-old son Thirdy)  flatly denied rumors that  she and her boyfriend,  Cavite Vice-Governor-elect Jolo Revilla, will get married after the elections.

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“Marriage is a different story,”  the young mom explained.  “Hindi ko alam saan galing ang issue na yan. Wala pa.”

Jodi said people musn’t assume Jolo has proposed marriage just because he sent her a message asking her to call him.

“Medyo malayo kasi ang time diference noon. Nasa (US) tour ako.  Five different time zones ang pinasok namin.  Hindi niya alam kung anong oras or saang lugar ako.”

Jolo’s family, especially his mom,  Cavite Rep. Lani Mercado,  likes  Jodi.  

Kind words for the Revillas

“Very warm at napakabait ng parents ni Jolo,” observes Jodi. “Maayos naman ang pakikitungo sa kin ng mga kapatid niya.”

Jodi admits the election problem Jolo recently faced made her worry, since she was too far away from him to be of help.   But Jodi knows Jolo is on top of the situation.

“It’s something na kaya niyang i-handle.”

Jodi herself is handling her single mom status well.  She and Pampi may not be friends, but they’re civil to each other.  After all, Jodi knows that no matter what happens, she and Pampi have to be good parents to Thirdy.

So they’re open to each other in everything concerning their son.  Jodi is happy Pampi  brought Thirdy to Europe while school is  out.

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“They left yesterday (May 28),” relates Jodi.  Natutuwa ako na Thirdy gets to  travel a lot. I want him to grow up cultured and educated.”

Jodi  wants Thirdy to enjoy the trip because she is strict when it comes to school absences.  She doesn’t let her son to skip classes if there is no valid reason.

And since her precocious son knows  the situation between her and Pampi, Jodi says he didn’t insist in  taking her along in Paris, or any part of the world where he and his dad are going on vacation.

Kuya Thirdy

Thirdy  also knows he will soon be a kuya, since Pampi’s girlfriend, Iwa Moto, is pregnant.  According to Jodi, the boy is fine with the new addition to his family.

And this time, he won’t ask for a sibling anymore, the way he did years back, when  Jodi told him it’s not yet the right time for him to have a baby brother. Back then, Jodi recalls, Thirdy told her he plans to buy a baby brother in the supermarket.

Meanwhile, the star of “Be Careful with My Heart” is taking things as they come.

Jodi doesn’t know until when her phenomenal series with Richard Yap (as Sir Chief)  will air on ABS-CBN. But if and when it ends, she won’t mind going back to supporting roles.

“Hindi ko in-expect ito,” she explains. “Okay na ako sa supporting roles (noon) basta I get to do what I want to do which is acting. “

So she’s willing to return where she started as long as the role is a meaty one.

Jodi may enjoy being  a star.  But she knows that deep inside, she’s   an actress.   And she’ll always be one.