Jang hyuk to release new pictorial and interview with allure

[by Chloe Yun] Actor Jang hyuk—who will be coming back to big screen with his new movie ‘The Flue’—recently released his sexy, charismatic pictorial with allure Korea, showing off his breathtaking abs and masculine charm.

During the interview, Jang hyuk talked about his recent appearance on MBC variety show ‘Real Man.’ “It recalled my memory when I was in the army; I had a lot of fun shooting the show,” he replied.

“As we get older, we act more rationally. It gets harder and harder to experience new things or to meet new people. But it was different in the ‘Real Man’ world. As we endured and overcame hardship together, we opened our mind to each other and built new friendship,” said the actor expressing satisfaction.

He also talked about his life as an actor: “I find many things enjoyable at work. But when I was young, I was always serious and worked with a militant mindset. I used to like having alone time to think and analyze things, but now I prefer meeting and chatting people. I find it more fun to listen than talking these days”

When asked about the role that he would like to try, Jang chose ‘Choi Dae chi’ from old K-drama ‘Eyes of Dawn.’ He said, “If ‘Eyes of Dawn’ is remade, I’d really like to play ‘Choi Dae chi,’ a man who just lives on with no reason. His time stopped, the world’s clock still ticking so he has to follow like a river. I was more attracted to that character, probably because he has many things in common with my previous character ‘Lee Dae gil’ from ‘The Slave Hunters.’ I’d also like to try a character with a physical disability or a severe villain.”

Meanwhile, rest of Jang hyuk’s pictorial and interview can be found on August issue of allure Korea. (photo by allure Korea)

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