Is Daiana Menezes in trouble?

Daiana Menezes. (Voltaire Domingo/NPPA Images)

Brazilian model-actress Daiana Menezes’s cryptic messages and photos about violence against women have caused alarm among netizens who think she’s crying for help.
On Sunday, June 9, she posted a photo with the caption “No to rape.” This was followed with another post, including the hashtags #NOtoDomesticViolence #NOtoRape.

Bruised arm

Upon seeing her photo of a bruised arm with some cuts, one of Daiana’s followers urged her to speak up for her own good.

Another photo, where Daiana said “Real men don’t use violence” caused further alarm.

She also pleaded for prayers.
“Lord please I can't take this anymore, I'm all by myself here, prayers are much appreciated. But sa totoo lang THANK YOU PO LORD I'M STILL ALIVE.”
But not all the posts were gloomy. Daiana’s subsequent posts on violence against women consisted of messages of hope.

“Thank you God I have decent job. Good family who gave the best on education, thank you to my parents for bringing me to the most expensive schools and encourage me to keep humble above all comfort and for their politeness. I'm a gifted child of Lord.”

But that same day, Daiana told her followers it’s time for her to break her silence. Without going into details, she talked about  “physical, sexual and emotional pain.”
“I am aware of the posts and they aren’t cool. How can they be cool? But keep silent isn’t the best anymore after I heard they’d believe me only seeing with their own eyes. So time to SPEAK UP. My apologies to those I had to ignore or not give details, even if I do, aside from looking DUMB MYSELF, I wish I had a CCTV, or if I knew, record would do, but “ang sakit”; it’s a physical, sexual and emotional pain that can’t be explained. Besides there are two sides of the coin and I know the other side will fight for defense, since there’s bipolar order, things can be turned around. I had witnesses BUT unfortunately, they’re paid to keep quiet.”

Before her cryptic messages, Daiana posted a photo of herself and her fiancé, Cagayan de Oro Rep. Jose Benjamin “Benjo” Benaldo.

The message was: “Grow old with you take care of you. "MISERY LOVES COMPANY" Bec not everyone sees and can appreciate it.@benjobenaldo.”