How Shamcey Supsup’s weakness became an asset

Shamcey Supsup (Czeasar Dancel/NPPA Images)

Now it can be told.  Miss Universe 2011 third runner-up Shamcey Supsup’s famous tsunami walk was born out of necessity.

“Hindi  ako sanay sa heels,” she explained in an interview in connection with her new role as  brand ambassador for health and beauty retailer Watsons.

So she did the next best thing.  Shamcey created a  walk that would allow her to sashay down the ramp oh-so-gracefully. She practiced her tsunami walk at home --  up and down the stairs, in the bathroom – until  she finally mastered it.

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The Miss Universe judges who clapped ever so loudly  when they saw her tsunami walk didn’t know Shamcey’s dainty feet had calluses from perfecting that  walk.

“Look,” she removed her high-heeled shoes.  “I still have them.”

And that’s where her number one advice to the current batch of Binibini bets come in.

“Find something unique in yourself, something that will make you stand out. Then build on that. Kelangan meron kang something original.”

The rest – stage presence, proper make-up, a sense of style –  can be honed through training, explains  Shamcey.

She’s happy to note that this year’s batch is an improvement over the previous groups.

“I saw the girls’ photos during the screening. Ang daming may potential! Ang tatangkad nila! ” Shamcey gushes.

Plus, adds Shamcey, many of the girls, are first-time Binibini aspirants,  unlike those in previous batches which had veteran candidates.

This only means the Binibini, which is on its 50th year, is as strong as ever, attracting more pretty girls from various backgrounds than ever before.  This excites Shamcey no end.

The architect-beauty queen is also excited over the prospect of hosting corporate events, a lifestyle show, product launches and other events where she can meet more people.

“I easily get bored.  Dapat may laging bago,” she smiles.

And just so Shamcey won’t get bored in-between product endorsements and hosting stints, she and her friends put up an architectural firm called on weekends, she and three of her friends put up the architecture firm 1,2, 3 7.

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The numbers in the firm stand for the owners’ placement in the architecture board exams.  Shamcey leads as the topnotcher in the 2010 board exams, with the others following in close succession.  All of Shamcey’s business partners are in the top 10 of the board exams.

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“It’s just a  hobby,” Shamcey reveals. “The office is at home. Kapag di ko kaya, we call on friends, say for plumbing design.  It’s also my way of bonding with friends.”

Shamcey and company  only accept projects from relatives and friends.   Beach houses are okay, says Shamcey. But not full-blown projects like buildings.

“All of us are busy.  And we just want to enjoy ourselves.”

Shamcey’s co-brand ambassadors for Watsons’ “Look Good, Feel Good Campaign” are fellow beauty queens Venus Raj, her best friend Mary Anne Umali and model Fatima Rabago.

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