Design goes Dutch in New York with the launch of the 'first electric wooden bike'

The New York design scene is going Dutch this week, as the GOED show from Holland brings what is thought to be the first electric wooden bike stateside.

To support the big bicycle movement in New York City, Dutch brand Bough Bikes is set to unveil the first electric version of its wooden bike in an attempt to inspire New Yorkers to cycle rather than drive.

The world premiere will take place May 13, as part of the GOED event taking place during NYCxDesign.

The exhibition will showcase various sustainable Dutch design products, including an innovative floor that generates energy when you move on it.

Bags and accessories made from used conveyor belts will also be on display, in addition to a new bag design by Dinand Stufkens set to launch at the exhibit.

Curated by Robbert Zoon and GGrippo art + design, GOED will run through May 18. The new Bough Bike will be launched on May 13.

NYCxDesign runs through May 20.

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