Court junks James’ petition for a hold departure order

The Makati Regional Trial Court has denied cager James Yap's petition that a Hold Departure Order (HDO)  be served on former wife Kris Aquino and their son Bimby.
According to TV Patrol’s report on Friday, March 22,  Judge Liza Marie Picardal-Tecson of the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 144 handed down the decision to  Kris and James’ respective legal counsels earlier that day. The court also issued a gag order for both camps.
Reports say  Kris and her sons, Bimby and Joshua are scheduled to go to Disneyland Paris on Saturday, March 23. In Kris’ interview with TV Patrol on Thursday, March 21, she questioned James’ decision in filing an HDO, which she said prevents her son from having a vacation elsewhere.

James’ legal counsel, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, expressed concern over Kris’ resignation from all her shows and  plans to go on vacation with her sons.

Extended vacation
“It's possible if she has no more commitments here, not to return to the Philippines for a long time. All the more that we are concerned because what does she have planned if she is willing to give up all her commitments, that means it is possible that she will have an extended vacation abroad with the child,” Kapunan said in the interview.

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She explained  that the HDO doesn’t aim  to stop Kris and Bimby from traveling.

“A hold departure order is not to stop a travel. It just means that every time you travel, you have to inform the court.”

Frank Chavez, Kris’ legal counsel, on the other hand, said preventing Kris and Bimby from traveling violates their “constitutional right of locomotion.”

“This only reveals his (James’) selfishness. When he now tries to block the travel of the son, you know holding these petitioners here from traveling is a violation of their constitutional right of locomotion, the freedom of locomotion, the freedom of travel.”

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