Coming-of-Age day present, try organic soaps to keep the young beauty

[by Song Eunji / translated by Joy Kim] In Korea, Coming-of-Age day is on 20th of May celebrating the 20 years olds who became adult and become members of the society.

Normally people gives perfumes and roses but think twice, because it would be much better to give presents they will actually use and help them. Beauty items are one of the options.

Skin does not only reveal the age but also it is one of the most important factors of beauty. Skin care from early age helps a lot to keep the beauty. Why not considering giving out organic soap for special gift?

■ Protect young and sweet skin of 20s

Listen to the celebrities who are famous for their skin care and flawless skin. They all say ‘Removing makeup is much, much more important than applying the makeup.” Cleansing process is the most important process for skin care.

Best cleansing would be removing waste and dead skin cells without giving too much irritation to the skin. Normally, foam cleansers have surfactant and chemical substances which roughen and dry the skin so it removing wastes without irritation is difficult.

To avoid the irritation, organic soaps are the alternative. They are made of natural ingredients and they give minimal irritation to skin. Also they are available in various skin types as well. Organic soaps are now the alternative for safe skin care.

■ How to choose organic soaps

Before giving organic soaps for present, look out for the ingredients and type whether it is CP soap or MP soap.


There are two different ways to make organic soaps. MP (Melt & Pour) soaps are made from melted soap base and add the natural ingredients during the process. It can be produced in various shapes but difficult to mix with other ingredients.

On the other hand, there is CP (Clod Process) soap or Clod Processed soaps. They are difficult to make in shapes but it requires four to six weeks to mature. Also during the process, it is possible to add various ingredients which makes easier to make soaps for different skin types. CP soaps contain more glycerin because they are created during the making process so they are better moisturizer than MP soaps.

Editor’s Choice >> Organic soap from the YoungShop Story

Organic cosmetic brand YoungShop Story makes organic CP soaps all handmade. They do not use any form of chemical substances including surfactants. By using organic natural oil and organic herbs they make different soaps for all skin types. (photo by bntnews DB, YoungShop story)

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