Atopy? BEST 3 Natural And Organic Products For Your Child’s Sensitive Skin

[by Yoo Jung] ‘Peachy baby skin’ has become a term that even babies can’t relate to. It’s now difficult to preserve a clean and beautiful skin due to the increase of various skin troubles such as atopy.

Consequently, mothers are gaining interest for sensitive skin-friendly cosmetics. This was predictable according to the rising worries about pollution’s and stress’ impact on skin, as well as to a growing desire for beauty. A child’s health is directly related to his skin care, is there anything else to say?

If you want to take care of the skin of your family, pay attention to this article. Children are more sensitive than adults to pollution and the external environment, so choosing appropriate products for them is not an easy task. We’re giving you a list of cosmetic and skincare products that your children can also enjoy.

▶ The path to becoming a smart mom

Due to the harsh environment we live in, more and more victims of atopy are appearing, and the skin disease does not make a difference between adults and children. Hence more and more mothers are giving a special care to their child’s skin.

1) Cleaning is a priority – foaming cleanser

When choosing a foam cleanser for your child, pick a non-irritating product that helps overcome allergies. Natural cosmetic brand KICHO released Natural Mineral Foaming Cleanser, a cleansing foam that contains 90% of natural ingredients for a skin-friendly cleansing.

More than anything, KICHO’s foaming cleanser’s particularity is that it does not contain any synthetic surfactant, the main cause of skin troubles. From children to adults, it fits any age group and can be used on face, hair and body.

2) An ampoule that calms irritated skin

Infant skin as well as sensitive adult skin suffers from various kinds of irritations and it’s never easy to block it at the root. It’s rather wise to find quickly find a way to soothe this irritate skin before it gets worst.

Functional cosmetic brand Daycell introduces its Machihyun line, which targets sensitive skins. Machihyun 10 Instant Calming Ampoule is rich in Machihyun extracts, a component that’s optimized to fight against troubles that appear due to dryness or sensitiveness of the skin, stress or atopy.

3) The upcoming spring requires sunscreen

In Korea, there’s a saying that goes like “The spring sun warms the daughter-in-law and the autumn sun warms the daughter.” We thought of spring sun as simple warm rays but these rays contain UVs and then harm the skin. That is why we can see a natural sunscreen product as a necessary item for the warm season.

Avène’s Crème Minérale Très Haute Protection is certified SPF 50+/PA+++. It effectively blocks UV rays with a mineral filter that does not irritate children’s or sensitive skins. (photos by KICHO, DAYCELL, AVENE, bntnews DB)

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