Actress Jun Hye Bin Visits Zambia to do Voluntary Service

[by Cho Suyon] Jun Hye Bin’s visit to Zambia will be aired through ‘2013 Hope TV SBS’ on the 15th and 16th of November.

In last July, actress Jun Hye Bin and international development NGO Good Neighbors flew to Zambia and did voluntary work for children.

During the stay, Jun spent entire time with little children by cooking foods for needed children and visiting school to communicate wholeheartedly. Jun especially cooked Zambia’s traditional food Nshima and fed babies who can’t eat by themselves.

A visit to Africa is not the first time for Jun Hye Bin. Previously, she was starred on SBS’ entertainment program ‘Rule of Jungle’ and went to Madagascar through the show. According to Jun, she thought Africa would be more familiar since she already made a visit, but the actress was very shocked to see how children live in such uneasy condition.

After her voluntary service was over, she said, “The dream of Zambian children is not something big. They only wish to study and we can all be helpful to make their dreams come true.”

Meanwhile, ‘2013 Hope TV SBS’ in which Jun Hye Bin is starred will be aired on November 15 and 16 in 11 episodes. (photo by Namoo Actors)

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