Karylle’s V-Day Plans

Photo courtesy of Karylle
Photo courtesy of Karylle

Karylle is definitely not your typical girl. She’s not into fashion and she never plans for Valentine’s unlike most girls. Her anything-goes style and gungho attitude are charming. She’s one of those celebrities that prove to be the epitome of “real”.

Describe your style.
I always say I have no style. It’s one of my resolutions or goals for 2013 kase I always make a vision board. I used to say that I have no style so I’m trying to be more interested in fashion but generally I’m very clueless that’s why I have a bunch of stylists. For Showtime, I have three stylists. They’re all bloggers: Keigh Jalbuena, Pax, and Ava. I have a different stylist for ASAP, si Sidney Yap. He’s like a teddy bear. I love him. I really generally need a lot of help because I don’t like shopping. And whenever I shop, I always buy those statement shirts. Of course, when I look at my closet, I’m like “What did I buy?” Kase diba hindi siya investment pieces.

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But is there a preference in styling that you like?
The style that I like is what Vice Ganda calls “peg mo nanaman si Michelle Obama.” Very classy, naka skirt. I really also like vintage pieces. I like hats also. I really try to invest in them. I’ve gotten hats from London, yung talagang sa vintage store. I got one recently from Paris. Feeling ko kase here ang weird ko pag suot ko siya kase hindi siya talaga ganun ka common. But when I’m abroad, I wear it. My hair is curly and unruly except with a hat to keep it together. So that’s really my style. I wear a lot of ballet flats, too. Very girly but I try to make it a little not too girly. I balance it out by wearing a leather jacket for example—which is the only jacket I have.

So you’re more of a shoe girl than a bag girl?

I try to be kind to my legs because I’m always in heels for work so I have a lot of nice flats in my closet. I have my favorite traveling back pack. It’s Fatigue pero floral. It’s my favorite kase yung strap niya may lalagyan ng phone. I don’t have expensive bags. I used to have a bag that says “I left my LV at home.” When I was in Singapore, my dad asked me “Can you buy me please a Tumi bag” and I was like “Dad, it’s so expensive.” And my dad never asks me for anything so I figured I’ll treat him to a bag. And then when I got home, I said “Dad here’s your bag.” And he was like “Ah you can borrow it first.” And I had a trip so I used the bag. And when I got home from that trip I said “Here’s your bag.” And he was like “Ah, just keep it first.” And I figured he just wanted me to get rid of my ugly bag. He had to trick me into buying a bag!

Photo courtesy of Karylle
Photo courtesy of Karylle

Are you afraid of aging?
No naman. I look at people like Margie Moran who have aged so gracefully and so beautifully. I always look at photos of Audrey Hepburn in my Instagram. There are shots of her when she was young and there are also shots of her when she was old and she looked beautiful. Parang I just try to look at people who have aged gracefully and they look happy. Like Meryl Streep looks happy. And Bette Midler. Like Maricel Laxa! She’s my new peg in life. She just had a new baby and she looks better than ever. And she has abs. She has a healthy, active, happy lifestyle. So when I see people like that, I think it’s fine. I don’t even know how old she is but she looks younger than ever. People say the sun is bad for you and running is bad for you but look at Maricel Laxa. As long as you’re happy and you are able to find that perfect mix and balance in your life.

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What are your plans for Valentine’s?
I just don’t really plan. Siguro kase before people would always ask me about Valentine’s but I don’t think of it much as a big holiday because I don’t like the pressure. It messes up Valentine’s. People are always asking me what my plans are and it becomes a reason to fight because your expectations are so high. I don’t know what people are expecting it to be like. Like a movie? But I think the best times are when you are just having a chill moment and then you find it to be something like a movie. You just have to catch it. Sometimes it just kind of happens and everything is perfectly there but you have to look around and be aware. You can’t really plan it.

Photo courtesy of Karylle.