Manny and Jinkee: True love wins

Manny Pacquiao's loss to Juan Manuel Marquez on Sunday set the online world on fire with opinions, speculations, comments and many unanswered questions.

There was only one thing that didn't need a lot of explaining: wife Jinkee's frantic wails and worried eyes when she saw her husband lying face down on the ring.

A wife trying desperately to reach her husband, shedding tears of panic, showed the world the reaction of a wife driven by love.

For Jinkee Pacquiao, that love appears to be one that knows no end.

A tested love

Certainly, it's been tested time and again under the glare of a merciless spotlight.

From the time they married in 2000, when Manny was still an amateur boxer, until today, Jinkee has endured unimaginable wealth, success and also pain.

While raising four children, Jinkee has seen Manny change and be changed by his phenomenal success. She has seen him throw his hat in the political ring.
A renewed love
She has also seen him happy-go-lucky, fond of cockfighting and gambling.

She also suffered the pain of rumors linking her husband with other women, the most notorious being starlet Krista Ranillo.

And she has seen him renew his Christian faith.

Through all these, Jinkee remained steadfast.
A changed love

As she said in an interview with GMA News months back, Manny is a "changed man now," opting to spend more quality time with his children.

"Buong buhay ko para lang sa kanila lahat. Hindi ako perfect wife, hindi ako perfect mother. Pero ginagampanan ko yung tungkulin ko bilang asawa. Kaya ako nandito, kaya ako nabubuhay, para sa mga anak ko, para sa asawa ko. Manny, andito lang ako lagi sa likod mo, no matter what," Jinkee said in an interview also with GMA News.

After the shock of seeing her husband fall to the canvas wears off, Jinkee continued to shed tears. But they were tears of relief as she hugged and kissed her husband while thanking God for giving her husband another chance in life.

A grateful love

"Takot,[ang naramdaman ko] nanginginig ako na hindi ko alam kung anong nangyari," she shared.

"Kasi first time na nakita ko siya na ganun na matagal na... nakabangon Siyempre pag boksingero buhay yung nakataya sa kanya but thank God he's okay, yun ang pinaka importante. Pinakamahalaga na okay siya, walang masamang nangyari," Jinkee said.

Manny may have lost the fight in the ring, but with Jinkee beside him, he continues to win with the absolute love of his wife.