Bimby stuns Kris: ‘You had sex with two men?’

What was that again, Bimb?

“Mama, so Kuya (Josh) and I have different papas, right? So that means you had sex with two men?”

Yes, kids say the darndest things, but this might as well be something Kris Aquino just needed to hear—from her dearest boy, no less.

A eureka moment perhaps?

And who do you think spilled the beans on this incredibly awkward moment for mom and child? You guessed it, who else, but Kris herself on her daily morning show, “KrisTV” on Wednesday, March 5.

OMG! moment

Befuddled, shocked, and zapped into an intense OMG! moment, Kris said she called an emergency helpline to the heavens on what to do or say while the wide-eyed wonder awaits for her answer.

But she said she calmly and matter-of-factly responded to her baby:

'Yeah, Bimb. I was confused, I was wrong. You should stick to one."

Distraught or panicky maybe, Kris could have thought, what on earth made Bimby ask her a question, not even her good friend Boy Abunda can dare declare? Was it because kids like Bimby have too much information on their hands—from myriads upon myriads of resources, mostly online? Or did a “yaya” make a reckless slip of the tongue? Maybe he was just too smart?

Bimby’s vow

Regardless, Kris said parents like her should be ready for that electrifying moment—when those skeletons can just be stumbled upon by your kids as they play with your closets.

“Talagang sagutin mo ng diretso,” Kris said on air.

The best thing that comes out with such candidness and openness is that both parent and child emerge more insightful, more proper, and definitely wiser.

She revealed that as a result of their intimate tete-a-tete, Bimby vowed to remain steadfast in his love and commitment to just one woman.

Kris quoted Bimby: “'Me, I'm gonna have one wife and I'm only going to sleep with one woman.”

Promise? Well, he also has to talk to dad first.