The T3 Featherweight StyleMax Dried My Thick, Curly Hair Faster Than Any Other Tool I've Tried Before


The curly hair community has often debated what’s better for styling: air drying or using a diffuser. For me, it was never even a question because I never had the patience for hair tools. It takes forever to dry my curls and I’m not keen on holding a diffuser for an hour. I also avoided using heat because I was afraid of causing more breakage, dryness and frizz. But after testing the T3 StyleMax Featherweight Dryer (both in a salon and at home), I may have changed my tune. Here’s my honest review on why you should give this new hair tool a chance.

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My First Impression


The first thing that caught my eye was the sleek white design and rose gold details that made the dryer look luxurious (and like something I wouldn’t mind showing off in my bathroom). Another feature that stood out to me were the buttons along the handle. I was used to the traditional flip and switch toggles that are often on other hair dryers, but this one had six buttons with different functions for each one.


According to the brand, the hair dryer is made to be customizable for all hair types and textures. You can either let it do all the guesswork in finding the best combo for your hair or you can do it yourself. The automatic way starts by pressing the power button to activate the tool and then holding down the S+ button located on the handle. This will light up the three strand symbols on top for fine, medium or coarse texture. Once you choose your hair texture, press the S+ button again to pick your desired style mode, which includes rough dry, smooth, diffuse and volume. After you pick a style, the dryer will automatically add the heat and speed settings for you and start releasing air.

Another way to use the dryer is to customize the settings yourself. The hair dryer comes with five heat settings and three speed settings to cater to your hair type and texture. I have curly, thick and high porosity hair, so I went with the highest settings to reduce drying time. On that note, I really appreciated having different options to choose from because it made the dryer more versatile for creating any style I wanted to rock—from sleek blowouts to protective styles and natural curls.

How Does the Dryer Work for Blowouts?

Aside from the customizable buttons and the attachments, the machine itself was a key driver in my overall rating. The tool comes with four attachments to mirror the four style options. You’ll find the drying concentrator for a rough dry, a styling concentrator for a voluminous dry, a diffuser for curls, waves and textured styles and a smoothing comb for a sleek finish.

When I first tried the dryer in the salon, the stylist ran the smoothing comb through my curls. Folks, I couldn’t believe how quickly it dried, stretched out and detangled my curls. It only took about 30 minutes to dry my entire head. For context, it usually takes an hour with the dryer and round brush combo (or longer sitting under the dryer). The comb attachment is a great option for natural hair because it directs airflow from root to tip while keeping things smooth and prepped for the next steps.

Once my hair was completely dry, the stylist went through each section using the StyleMax SinglePass Flat Iron to finish. I think the blow dryer made it easier for the flat iron to pass through, which it did in one to two quick passes per section. The brand promises “better results with less damage” and indeed, both hair tools left me with a sleek blowout that was shiny, soft and frizz-free. Since it was a full salon service, it did take a bit longer than when I style my hair at home. But even if you remove the flat iron portion, drying my entire head took under an hour, which rarely happens.

Does the T3 Style Max Duo *Really* Work On Curly Hair?

It’s simple enough to do a blowout on my hair, but the ultimate test was trying this bad boy on my curls. I’ll admit, it took a minute to figure out how to get the diffuser attachment onto the tool. Thankfully, each attachment has a small triangle symbol at the base that indicates where to line it up with the dryer so you can just snap it in place. Once I figured that out, I was able to try both the automatic and manual settings before settling on the best way to dry my hair.

The hair tool felt lightweight in my hands, which made it comfortable to move around my head. I’ve used various diffusers in the past, and my hair often gets stuck in the prongs, so I appreciate that this attachment did its job in blowing air throughout my hair without causing any tangles or knots.

Would you believe me when I say it took about 30 to 45 minutes to completely dry my hair? I alternated between the medium and high heat settings, and tried the lock-in cool shot button to finish, which made my curls frizz-free and shiny. Since it’s designed with a wide airflow and has massive horsepower (aka 125 voltage and 1875 watts), it makes sense why it worked quickly. After running my fingers through my roots, I found that my hair was fully dry and ready for the day.

The Final Verdict

Chelsea Candelario/Ulta

I’m officially a hair tool convert—or more specifically, I’m a StyleMax Duo convert. It promised me a faster drying time without increasing frizz or dryness and it delivered. Whether I want a voluminous blowout or defined curls, this multipurpose hair dryer offers a customizable experience and gets the job done quickly. All this to say that I think this hair tool is worth the investment. Just look at my before and after photos for proof.

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