T. Mark Taylor, artist, toy designer for 'He-Man' dies at 80

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T. Mark Taylor (Image Source: Instagram)
T. Mark Taylor (Image Source: Instagram)

Washington [US], December 26 (ANI): T. Mark Taylor, artist and toy designer for 'He-Man and the Masters of the Universe' franchise as well as the 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', died at his Southern California home at age 80.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the news was confirmed by Taylor's family. Taylor wasn't the sole creator of the muscled 'He-Man' nor the wildly popular and long-running 'TMNT', but his work as a designer forged the characters into iconic images for generations of kids.

Taylor had said the prototypes date back to his own childhood as he fantasized about being "the next hero." He based the concept of 'He-Man' on his vision of Cro-Magnon men, as well as Vikings.

Toy company Mattel had sold more than 70 million action figures from its Masters of the Universe collection within 30 months after it hit stores nearly 40 years ago.

Taylor began his career with El Segundo-based Mattel in 1976 as a packaging designer, his family said, as per The Hollywood Reporter. His toy work was featured in documentaries, including 'Power of Grayskull' and 'The Toys That Made Us'. (ANI)

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