Sylvester Stallone is ruled out of the Indian Rambo remake

Ben Arnold
Rambo… Sly won’t be appearing in the Hindi version of Rambo – Credit: Lionsgate

Sylvester Stallone will not be appearing in the forthcoming Hindi remake of ‘First Blood’, his reps have said.

Internet rumours of a cameo in the new movie, starring Indian action star Tiger Shroff in the lead role, began circulating yesterday.

But, sadly perhaps, it’s just not happening.

In a redoubtable statement to Deadline, Sly’s spokesperson said: “Any involvement in Tiger Shroff’s Rambo is not happening, under any circumstances.”

And though that sounds a bit on the disapproving side, Sly added: “I wish them well on their own.”

The last time Stallone rolled out his PTSD Vietnam vet was 2008’s astonishingly violent ‘Rambo’.

(Credit: Impact Films)

Plans for a fifth movie, which was set to be called ‘Last Blood’ and was to be centred around drug lords in Mexico, eventually lost momentum in 2009, with Stallone telling Empire magazine in 2010 that he was ‘99% sure’ Rambo was done with.

However, he’s also said that he’s not against the idea of a Rambo origin story.

Stallone is currently working on the sequel to ‘Creed’, revisiting his role as Philadelphia slugger Rocky in the 2015 movie with Michael B. Jordan, who plays the son of his old pal Apollo Creed.

In a tantalising tweet, he suggested that Ivan Drago, the character from ‘Rocky IV’ played by Dolph Lundgren, who killed Apollo Creed in the movie, may have a role in the new film.

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