Sylvester Stallone Will Return to Oklahoma For More 'Tulsa King'

Sylvester Stallone Will Return to Oklahoma For More 'Tulsa King'

The devil went to Georgia, but Sylvester Stallone went down to Oklahoma. That's about the gist for Paramount+'s Tulsa King. The Taylor Sheridan-created drama for stars the Rocky actor as a former New York mafia capo named Dwight “The General” Manfredi. There's no place for him left in the Big Apple after he serves a lengthy prison sentence, so he's sent to Tulsa to drum up some new business ventures. It's a crummy gig, sure—but he's dedicated to take the opportunity in stride.

Tulsa King was renewed for a second season after its third episode aired in November 2022. Season Two will go on without co-showrunner Terence Winter—best known for creating Boardwalk Empire and writing the screenplay for Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street. Winter stepped down due to "creative differences," according to Deadline. Originally a massive get for the Paramount series, it seems that he and Sheridan thought of "different visions for the series and the main character."

Tulsa King also stars Martin Starr as a weed dealer named Bodhi, Andrea Savage as an ATF agent, Garrett Hedlund as a friendly bartender, and The Sopranos actor Max Casella as a former antagonist-turned-reluctant-ally. No plot details or release date have been revealed just yet, but Sheridan is reportedly busy at work as he juggles Tulsa King alongside his Yellowstone universe and others including Lawmen: Bass Reeves and Mayor of Kingstown. The explosive Season One finale sent Stallone's Manfredi back to jail. Season Two will likely figure out what happens once he's out again.

"The huge success we've had with Tulsa King and Sylvester Stallone opens up possibilities with Taylor Sheridan, who consistently, his mind works in terms of universes and backstories," Paramount's Chief Programming Officer Tanya Giles told IndieWire. "So, I think there's always a possibility that there's more to that universe and more to that story."

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