Sydney Sweeney looks completely unrecognisable with jet-black hair

Sydney Sweeney looks completely unrecognisable with jet-black hair

In the world of beauty, what constitutes a hair transformation? Is it a dramatic cut? A natural texture debut? Or Sydney Sweeney going from bombshell blonde to jet-black lengths? Why, all of the above, of course; however, today, it's the latter that's making Cosmo headlines. Natch.

Appearing as the cover story star for Who What Wear's most recent April edition, Sydney speaks on all things passion projects, career milestones and staying true to herself. However, it's not the interview that had us hooked at first glance but instead, the transformative jet-black hair colour she seems to be donning in the corresponding photoshoot.

Scroll through the below carousel post to see all that we're describing.

While the butt-skimming Morticia Addams hair and pencil-thin 'brows are, arguably, the look that has Sydney the most unrecognisable, we must give due to the blonde 50s-esque lob and curly blood-red hair looks, too. Snaps to the creative geniuses and Sydney's longtime hairstylist, Glen Oropeza and makeup artist, Melissa Hernandez, for working up the three polarising – yet equally stunning – makeovers.

Side note: It's worth mentioning that said looks are, in fact, products of interchanging wigs and makeup. And yes, while that may be somewhat disappointing, it does underline the creative possibilities that beauty has to offer – I mean, one day you can be a redhead and the next, you could be sporting peroxide curls. The beauty world is your oyster!

Hair and makeup aside, "between reading potential scripts, reprising her role as Cassie in Euphoria's eventual third season and just spending time with her family being "Syd," the 26-year-old has a full slate, to say the least," the publication so perfectly puts it.

And with that, we cannot wait to see all the actor has in store for the rest of 2024! That is, beauty-wise, too, obvs.

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