Sydney Sweeney Gushes Over Working With Glen Powell in Upcoming Rom-Com

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Sydney Gushes Over Working with Glen in InterviewEthan Miller - Getty Images

Sydney Sweeney recently filmed romantic comedy Anyone But You in Australia with Set It Up star Glen Powell. Sounds like a pretty great gig — but Glen’s (now ex) girlfriend seemingly wasn’t here for it.

Keen-eyed fans noticed in April that model Gigi Paris unfollowed Sydney on Instagram, fueling the rumors about trouble in paradise. The subtle social media gesture had fans wondering if something happened between Sydney and Glen during filming that caused Gigi to go out of her way to unfollow her boyfriend’s co-star.

Celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi reported that Glen and Gigi’s three-year relationship was on the rocks before filming with Sydney began. However, it didn’t seem like there was any animosity between the two women before filming began, as Gigi commented celebratory emojis on Sydney’s post about the movie back in January.

cinemacon 2023 opening night sony pictures entertainment photocall
Ethan Miller - Getty Images
cinemacon 2023 opening night sony pictures entertainment presentation
Ethan Miller - Getty Images

Meanwhile, Sydney and Glen appeared to get cozy while shooting PDA-filled scenes and posing for photos together at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. The co-stars attended the April 24 event to present a first look at their new rom-com, noting that they wrapped filming mere hours ago in Sydney, Australia. According to People, Sydney told the audience that she and Glen wanted to be there personally to debut the teaser, to which Glen quipped, “We love seeing ourselves on the big screen.”

“Oh, please, Top Gun,” Sydney replied, referencing the actor’s role in 2022’s Top Gun: Maverick. “I love when she calls me that,” Glen then shared with the crowd. Oh? A nickname?

Following CinemaCon, Gigi fueled the fire of rumors surrounding her potential breakup with Glen when she posted an Instagram Reel with the cryptic caption, “know your worth & onto the next,” on April 26.

The model posted another set of photos on April 15 with another eyebrow-raising caption, reading, “never better 👋🏼.” Could she be alluding to Glen and Sydney’s recent chemistry? Per Us Weekly, Gigi *also* unfollowed Glen on the social platform before they could publicly comment on their relationship status.

On top of that, Sydney couldn’t help but gush over filming with Glen during a recent interview. On May 16, the actress walked the red carpet at the New York City premiere of her new drama biopic, Reality, and told Entertainment Tonight that filming Anything But You was “such a blast.”

“I mean, Australia was such a beautiful place to film, and the cast and crew were so much fun,” she said. “I’ve never laughed so much on a set before. I had a really good time. I was living my best life. I loved it.”

The rumors have also been fueled by the co-stars’ social media activity, like a couple of viral TikToks of Glen sweeping Sydney off her feet and dipping her backwards. Fans flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on the actors’ IRL chemistry. “Is a rom-com even good if there aren’t cheating rumours?” joked one person. “[If this happened] I would unfollow my man not sydney 💀,” remarked another. “The way this is such PR and everyone eating it up,” a skeptical commenter theorized.

Meanwhile, Sydney hung out with Glen’s parents (!!!!) and family at the Taronga Zoo in Australia between shoot days in March, which Glen chronicled on Instagram. “I know they are filming a movie together but they are doing a lot of extracurricular activities lately,” commented one person. “They don’t even try to hide it 💀👀,” deadpanned another.

Other fans were confused about Sydney’s relationship status, referencing her 2022 engagement to Jonathan Davino. DeuxMoi reported that a certain “B list celebrity on a hugely popular streaming show has just dumped her fiancé and partner of many years,” and fans guessed that the anonymous tip was referencing Sydney and Jonathan, but TMZ reported that sources confirmed the couple is still engaged.

Sydney appeared to subtly make fun of the dating rumors in a That’s So Fetch baby tee that read “Kiss the boys and make them cry.” We wonder who’s “crying” — Jonathan, or Glen?

Neither Sydney nor Glen have addressed the rumors, but a source told People that Glen and Gigi have “broken up several times.”

“They had been on the rocks since Top Gun came out. Gigi was never happy with the long-distance filming and when she came to Australia [where Powell was filming Anyone But You] they both decided to break up for good,” one source explained to the outlet, adding, “It wasn't about infidelity. She’s on different coasts modeling, he’s on different coasts filming. When she left, they were on great terms.”

Another insider debunked the rumors that Glen and Sydney got together while filming the romantic comedy and explained why Gigi unfollowed the Euphoria actress. “Gigi only unfollowed Sydney on social media because Sydney never followed her back. This had nothing to do with Glen and Sydney. Gigi is aware that Glen and Sydney never hooked up,” the source said, adding that long distance is ultimately what led to their split. “He takes his work very seriously and it was tough on the relationship.”

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