Syafiq Farhain assists to sanitise vehicles that bring in COVID-19 patients

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6 Jul – Syafiq Farhain recently assured that there is nothing wrong with him, after worrying fans with his recent Instagram Story.

On 5 July, the singer posted a short clip of him wearing a hospital gown, and tagged the National Quarantine Centre in MAEPS, Serdang. However, he made no mention as to why he was there.

The post had many fans concerned as to whether he has been tested positive for COVID-19 yet again.

Syafiq had since assured that he is okay and that he was there as part of a five-member team to sanitise all vehicles bringing COVID-19 patients.

"Like today, I work 24 hours from 9am today until 9am tomorrow... they say that usually there would be 100 to 200 vehicles that would come bringing patients," he said.

At the same time, the singer, who was tested positive with COVID-19 back in February, stated that the job he is doing is risky as they are exposed to the virus.

"We have to prepare ourselves... Although we have worn a complete PPE and follow the SOP, the risk of infection is still there," he added.

It is noted that Syafiq is an active duty firefighter at the Fire and Rescue Department of Putrajaya.

The singer is also a firefighter
The singer is also a firefighter

(Photo Source: Syafiq Farhain Instagram)

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