Syafie Naswip furious over production breaching COVID-19 SOP

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11 Oct – Syafie Naswip recently expressed his frustration over the lack of strict SOP on the set of his new drama that has led to cast and crew, including him, being forced into quarantine due to their close contact status.

The 29 year-old, who was filming in Kuala Kangsar when the incident occurred, stated that he was furious after finding out that the production was adamant on resuming filming despite knowing that there were sick crew members among them.

"I was upset to find out that there were crew members who had not received complete vaccine doses and caused the infection even though all the actors obeyed all the restrictions in order to begin shooting," he said.

Syafie said that one of the crew was tested positive on 1 October, but that the production only stopped filming to do the swab tests before resuming the filming.

Syafie was filming in Kuala Kangsar before he had to be quarantined
Syafie was filming in Kuala Kangsar before he had to be quarantined

"They only stopped after the Ministry of Health requested to do so," he said.

Syafie stated that the reason he decided to speak up about the matter was so that everybody will remain vigilant and not let such a thing happen again.

"We don't want the fact that this fault of one production caused others to have to halt productions as well. We have done our responsibility, so the other parties have to do the same as well," he said.

On the other hand, the actor revealed on Instagram Story that he has already been tested negative for COVID-19 and finally completed his quarantine.

Syafie has completed his quarantine
Syafie has completed his quarantine

(Photo Source: Syafie Naswip Instagram)

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