Switch-up your skincare this Organic September

Switch-up your skincare this Organic September

More and more beauty brands are making the switch to organic and natural ingredients, leaving unnecessary chemicals and additives in their wake.

And if you’ve been thinking of overhauling your cosmetics kit and bathroom cabinet, then there is no better time than Organic September.

So, what exactly should we be looking for when seeking out organic skincare products? Dr. Pauline Hili, founder of Nourish London, recommends first carefully reading the labels.

“Check for an indication of the percentage of organic ingredients and an indication of the certifying body for product or ingredients,” she told us, adding that certified organic products will also feature the Soil Association and/or COSMOS (COSMetic Organic and Natural Standard) logos.

In harnessing quality ingredients, organic skincare products are just as effective as generic formulas too.

“Organic skincare ensures there is a provenance trail on the ingredients, that certain ingredients are eliminated, and a reduced risk of overloading the skin with unwanted chemicals,” said Dr. Hili of the benefits of going organic. “All formulas whether organic or generic need to be tested to ensure they are fit for purpose and will provide the consumer with the benefits intended. Clinically testing is the best way to establish this. Organically certified and proven clinical benefits provides the best of both worlds.”

There are many companies harnessing the power of organic now, and Dr. Hili recommends checking out Nourish London’s Argan Anti-ageing Peptide Serum and Radiance Firming Facial Oil. While some other great options to investigate include Ishga’s Hebridean Marine Toner, which contains seawater from the purest marine waters of the Hebrides, KORA Organics’ Noni Glow Face Oil, which is made with a range of naturally derived ingredients, including noni extract, rosehip oil, pomegranate and sea buckthorn oil, as well as Pai Skincare’s Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil.

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