Suzy Shows Her Life Through a Reality Show

[by Woorim Ahn] Suzy disclosed herself through a self-video.

On January 15 at noon, Suzy’s reality program ‘Off the Record Suzy’ was disclosed its first episode through Naver TV.

Thus, the clip reached over 1.7 million views in 3 hours of the release and Suzy revealed a part of her pre-release song and dragged the fans’ attention.

Moreover, she introduced herself as she loves drinking and she used to talk about her relationship with her agency JYP’s executive producer Park Jin Young. Additionally, she watched TV with no makeup face and showed her own ‘swag’ at home.

In particular, as she spent her times with her friends, she was like anybody else in her age and she showed her humane sides. At the end of the clip, she showed off her beauty after she woke up in the morning.

Meanwhile, ‘Off the Record Suzy’ is available on Naver TV, YouTube’s Dingo Music channel and Naver V Live Suzy channel. (photo by Dingo Studio)

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