Susanna Au Yeung, of 'Return Of The Condor Heroes' fame, dies from lung cancer at 63

Susanna Au Yeung of 'Return Of The Condor Heroes' fame passes away at age 63. (Photo: NOWnews)

Former Hong Kong actress Susanna Au Yeung (also known as Au Yeung Pui San) died from lung cancer on Sunday (9 July). She was 63.

Au Yeung, whose real name is Chen Jie Ying, gained fame in the 80s through acting roles in popular Hong Kong dramas such as “The Bund”, “The Yang’s Saga”, “Flame” and “Return Of The Condor Heroes”, where she played the role of Huang Rong, alongside Andy Lau (who played the lead character, Yang Guo).

According to Hong Kong media sources, her husband, Samuel Kwok, revealed that Au Yeung had suffered a stroke earlier in April while vacationing in Malaysia.

Kwok had brought Au Yeung back to Hong Kong to receive treatment, where she underwent three brain surgeries and was then discovered to be suffering from lung cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease just three months before her death.

After a short stint as an actress, Au Yeung left the entertainment circle to become a qigong master and acupuncturist in 1993. She also opened a qigong hospital in Kowloon and fostered many disciples.

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