Supreme Bey and His DCTG™️ Ecosystem

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It’s rare that a story comes across our desk that grabs us right away. The more research we did, the more fascinated we became with the man who is now called Supreme. Bey in his early 30s, has already lived a full life. Once a professional athlete. Changed his government name. Retired in the prime years of his career to pursue business with no business background. Taking on a route that seems irrational to most, Bey seems confident in his mission.

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Few athletes make the transition to business. Bey represents fearlessness in the pursuit of vision. After learning his story, we wanted to know more about the Chairman of DCTG Inc.

Where does your entrepreneurial spirit come from? What does DCTG mean?

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I believe you’re born with the spirit. I’ve also had great examples of successful men growing up. My AAU coach Durand “Speedy” Walker was an entrepreneur who manifested his dream. William Wesley and John Calipari we’re also examples of men who bet on themselves and succeeded. They were my super heroes. Subconsciously that left an imprint on me. I’m thankful for those men. DCTG means don’t cheat the grind.

What is your business model behind DCTG?

The business model is to create an ecosystem that is designed for me to succeed. Not relying on outside sources for capital or distribution. Then building different revenue streams within the ecosystem to expand. We have monthly and yearly memberships plans. Physical, intellectual and digital products. Because it’s my ecosystem, I own the entire experience. From production to marketing to consumption. Delivering within my own ecosystem is freedom and power. It’s set up for me to succeed in my own space. No matter if I have 5 or 50,000 people within my ecosystem, it’s data for me to build on. All it can do is grow. More importantly, I don’t exist in the current world ecosystem. I’m in control of my own destiny. The center of my own universe.

What are some challenges that come with creating an ecosystem in real time? Where did this idea come from?

Ownership comes with challenges. That’s the beauty of business, only the strong will survive over time. Having ownership of the supply chain means you’re financially responsible for the entire experience. Getting the product from its original state to the customers hand. Managing money and customers equity. Shipping delays, customer service and all the unforeseeable events that comes with building something. I believe my customer sees the vision and will stick with us through thick and thin.

The idea came from wanting to be free and independent. Studying wealth and how they did it. I don’t ever want to be in a position where I’m being leveraged. As an athlete, I could be traded or leveraged in a trade without my consent. I didn’t like that feeling. Corporations just create platforms, implement structures and then leverage human capital to raise the value. You’re either pimpin or being pimped. I no longer wanted to be on that side of the game.

My influence, human or intellectual capital will never be leveraged again by an outside source. My products are exclusive to my websites. I am the CEO and CFO of my life.

Speaking of your athlete days, do you miss being an athlete?


Can you describe your evolution from athlete to where you are now?

Yes. Deaths and rebirths.

What is your Foundation’s mission? What impact do you personally aspire to make as a leader?

Through the Supreme Dream Foundation, the overall mission is to inspire and give back to the less fortunate. Not just financially, but with hope. Personally, I am going to lead by example. Instead of us being in reactive positions, being leveraged, we can be bosses. We can create an ecosystem designed for us and live within it. Own your product, business and influence. Then expand your enterprise.

You now have support from

India! We look forward to seeing what’s next. Is there anything you’d like to say to the readers from India?

Yes! I have a Shiva tattoo under my chin and I love Indian food so much! Peace and Love! Don’t cheat the grind.

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