Super Mummies Come Together To DIY Hand Sanitisers Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

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From kind samaritans giving out free masks at Punggol MRT, residents leaving hand sanitisers and face masks in lifts, to volunteers and young children delivering food to cheer hospital staff on, many have stepped up to offer help to the community in their own ways, in face of the coronavirus outbreak in Singapore.

And true enough, “you don’t have to be on the frontline fighting the coronavirus to make a difference,” wrote Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his recent Facebook post on Tuesday (11 Feb). 

While it can be disheartening to see the coronavirus cases count increase day by day, whether in Singapore or around the world, not all hope is lost.

True warriors don’t succumb to fear. They continue to fight and help fellow comrades (read: Singaporeans) pull through tough times.

Super Mummies In Singapore Come Together To DIY Hand Sanitisers

And now, residents from Teck Ghee have joined in to launch their own initiatives, according to Minister Lee. 

Mummies from Teck Ghee Parkview took precious time off their Saturday morning to DIY hand sanitisers, guided by an instructor.

Making of the hand sanitisers from scratch by super mummies in Singapore. | Photo: Teck Ghee Parkview

Ingredients that make up the DIY hand sanitisers. | Photo: Teck Ghee Parkview

It’s serious business protecting our loved ones. | Photo: Teck Ghee Parkview

Super mummies in Singapore spent their Saturday morning being part of a meaningful initiative. | Photo: Teck Ghee Parkview

These homemade sanitisers were then fitted in their estate’s lifts thereafter for whoever who might need them. 

super mummies in singapore

Super mummies in Singapore contributing to a meaningful cause, fitting their hand made sanitisers in their resident lifts. | Photo: Teck Ghee Parkview

Apart from that, Minister Lee also mentioned that notice boards were also put up at masks distribution points and residential areas in the estate so that fellow residents could send cheer and encouragement to frontline workers. 

Other heartwarming instances in Singapore saw school children sending supportive messages to healthcare workers while student volunteers from The National University of Singapore and National Technological University support their fellow schoolmates through food delivery services. 

They were said to have took turns delivering food alongside “notes of support and concern to their university mates on leave of absence”. 

These actions might not be loud, nor big, but they are happening all around us. It takes just a little bit of effort from each and every one of us to see the difference. 

“Let us all do our part to help and encourage one another. Together, we will overcome this trying time and emerge stronger,” wrote Mr Lee.

“This kampung spirit and unity is what makes us Singaporean.”

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