Sunnie Huang shocked over news of Serina Liu's death

25 Mar – Taiwanese singer Sunnie Huang recently admitted that she was shocked over news that actress-dancer Serina Liu has passed away.

As reported on SETN, the singer, who was approached by the media to comment about the heartbreaking news, stated that she has always been concerned over Serina's condition since the actress fell into a coma following a sudden cardiac arrest during surgery.

"I had continued praying for her, hoping that she will survive the critical period," she said.

Sunnie also stated that as a mother of a child, she is also worried about Serina's husband and fellow singer Shin Lung and their four-year-old daughter Ni Ni.

"I hope that Shin Lung will be okay," she added.

In early February, the actress - who suffered from a narrowed aortic valve - had an unexpected sudden cardiac arrest and fell into a coma while undergoing a heart valve repair surgery at Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

Regarding Serina's death, the president of the Taipei Veterans General Hospital stated that while there had been some improvement in the singer's condition following the operation, she unfortunately passed away at 22:22 pm on 22 March.

(Photo Source: Sunnie Huang Weibo)