Succession for wine drinkers: The Apple TV+ show with a 100 per cent Rotten Tomatoes score

‘Drops of God’ is available to watch now on Apple (Apple TV+)

A new series about wine tasting is being hailed as the best show of the year.

It’s been a strong year for television so far this year, thanks to the fourth and final season of HBO’s Succession, Amazon Freevee comedy Jury Duty and the conclusion to BBC drama Happy Valley.

One such acclaimed show, titled Drops of God, is currently airing on Apple TV+ – and it has a rare perfect score on review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes.

The show, based on a popular Japanese manga series, begins with the death of Alexandre Léger (Stanley Weber), a famous figure who leaves behind a wine collecton valued at $148m.

Drops of God pits Léger’s daughter Camille (Fleur Geffrier) and protégé Issei Tomine (Tomohisa Yamashita) against each other in a battle to inherit his empire. Who will be his heir is decided by a series of three challenges designed by Léger before his death.

In other words, it’s Succession for wine aficionados.

The show, created by Quoc Dang Tran, is another multilingual offering from Apple TV+, following on from 2022’s Pachinko. It was filmed in French, Japanese and English.

New York Magazine called the show “a classic"” with The Age branding it “Rocky with a masterful palate”.