You Can Succeed In Sales Without Sacrificing Your Values, As Nina Concepcion Demonstrates

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Nina Concepcion was warned against going into sales by half the people in her life. They told her it is a sleazy world full of morally questionable operators willing to employ unethical tactics to make money.

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However, others told Nina she would do well in sales because she is excellent at dealing with people. She had a big decision to make, but in the end, she trusted her intuition and stepped into the scary world of sales.

Committed To Making ‘Conscious Sales’, No Matter What

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Nina was determined to make sales in the right way. She made a commitment to herself that she would not sacrifice her values for a job.

She started in real estate, and she was worried her image – a young-looking 21-year-old female Asian with braces and a lisp – would hold her back. “I had to deal with insecurities, fears, and rejection,” Nina recalls. “But I started to find my confidence through personal development and aligned action.”

She continued, “I was fortunate enough to have a mentor (my boss at the time) who trained me one-on-one every single week, who was not only amazing in sales but also had such high ethics, values, and care for his staff.”

“The job tested my values over and over again. I saw other salespeople lie, manipulate, and try to steal other people’s clients.”

After six months on the job, Nina was struggling. She was not making much commission, and she felt like giving up. Somehow, she found the strength to persevere.

“Being open, honest and vulnerable with my mentors, along with their guidance and proven strategies, empowered me to keep going. They said, ‘Nina, you are doing everything right! Just keep going! It’s going to happen. So I took a deep breath in and thought, if I leave real estate, I may as well know I gave it everything! I do not want to walk away with what-ifs.”

She continued, “By the next quarter, I finally made commission and became the 4th most successful salesperson in the company as well as the youngest female sales earner. It’s so funny how transformation often happens right after... we feel like giving up... but don’t.”

Passionate About Teaching Others

A few months later, Nina started training all the new staff and became second in charge. However, even with her financial future assured, she dreamt of teaching people what she had learned in her life and career.

At the peak of her real estate career, Nina met Brendon Burchard, the man whom Forbes labeled ‘the world’s leading high-performance coach.’ The meeting ignited Nina’s passion for coaching and speaking, and she decided to go all out to pursue this new calling of starting her own coaching business.

Since then, she has discovered how great she is at helping coaches become paid coaches, cracking $10k months and she now runs a multi-six-figure business - the Institute of Conscious Sales. She has worked with clients worldwide and is also a mentor, trainer, and soon-to-be-published author.

Nina teaches her clients, including other coaches, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, what she calls ‘Conscious Sales.’ As this method of selling involves being ethical at all times and remaining true to their values, it typically encourages clients to be very loyal. This is also a pull approach to making sales as opposed to a push approach.

“Although it felt like my sales took longer than the others in my office, when I finally did make commission in an ethical way that felt in alignment with me, I was able to feel proud of myself and go to bed with a clear conscience,” Nina explains.

She continues, “This mindset of conscious sales and the high level of training I received is what I have translated very successfully into the coaching world, supporting my clients in not only making conscious sales but also supporting them in finally cracking those $10k, and $20k months – and all in a way that they don’t lose who they are. They can step into a more fulfilled, grounded, loving, wealthy version of themselves.”

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