Substitute these food items to lead a healthy life

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Substitute these food items to lead a healthy life
Substitute these food items to lead a healthy life

20 Sep 2021: Substitute these food items to lead a healthy life

Everyone wants to lead a healthy life, and food plays a pivotal role in keeping your body fit. However, following a strict dietary plan might not be possible for many due to various circumstances. So, you can instead replace your day-to-day normal ingredients with their healthy substitutes. In this article, we have listed some of those healthy alternatives that you can go for.

#1: Replace salt with Himalayan crystal salt; sugar with jaggery, honey

Sugar and salt are the prime ingredients in our food, but experts say that too much consumption of salt increases blood pressure. Himalayan crystal salt, which is more nutritional and rich in minerals, is a better alternative. Meanwhile, replacing sugar is easy as we have options like jaggery, honey, etc. While jaggery supplies iron and antioxidants and improves immunity, honey has endless health benefits.

#2: Mayonnaise is fattening, use Greek yogurt instead in your sandwich

Be it fries, pizza, or sandwiches, mayonnaise is a must. But it's fattening due to heavy oil content. Greek yogurt is a great replacement. Make it yummier by adding garlic. Coconut is rich in fiber and the heavy cream you use for cakes and bread could be replaced with coconut cream. Also, try substituting jam with Avocado mash and a dash of lemon juice.

#3: What about noodles, pasta, 'rotis', and 'puris'?

Noodles are an easy snack that you can prepare for your children, and they love it, too! But doctors say having them often will lead to health issues later on. So, make zoodles, noodles made using zucchinis, instead. Also, use fiber-rich whole-grain pasta instead of white pasta. It can ease carbohydrate digestion. Likewise, use whole-grain flour for chapatis and puris instead of maida.

#4: Planning to turn vegetarian? Include these in your diet

If you're planning to turn vegetarian, tofu, pumpkin, potato, and flax and chia seeds could provide you the same nutrition as an egg. These are also rich in fiber. Omega-3 fatty acids are obtained through fish, but you can get it from flax, chia, and hemp seeds, algal oil, and walnuts, too. In all, make healthy choices in life and be hale and hearty!

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