How to stop your YouTube use from burning through your mobile plan

·1-min read
YouTube is a major consumer of mobile data.

When you have a mobile plan, the majority of your data consumption is usually spent watching streaming videos. YouTube will soon make it possible to economize on some of this data thanks to new settings that users can configure.

Whether on Android or iOS, it will be possible to activate a data saver mode. Until now it was possible to choose the "auto mode," which is supposed to adjust video resolution to the quality of the user's connection; now users of the platform will be able to set a specific image quality, higher or lower, by default.

Google is rolling out new options integrated into its YouTube mobile application on iOS and Android. From now on, in addition to the auto mode, which selects the definition of videos according to the quality of your internet connection, it will be possible to choose among new playback modes including "higher picture quality" (videos are displayed in 720p, but therefore consume a maximum of data) and "data saver" (480p). It will also be possible to manually set a lower default definition if necessary.

The deployment of these new setting options is in progress.

Of course when on a wifi connection using the highest resolution possible poses no problem since a fixed-line subscription is by definition unlimited in data. This is unfortunately not the case, however, for most mobile plans, hence the need to sometimes sacrifice the quality of the image to be able to enjoy it.

David Bénard