Stone Island Collaborates With Kevlar For New Limited Edition Parkas

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Stone Island Kevlar
Stone Island Kevlar

Think Kevlar and immediately bullet proof vests come to mind.

The material boasts a unique combination of high strength, high toughness and thermal stability. Although renowned for its toughness, Kevlar can also be stylish as Stone Island has just proven.

As part of their Prototype Research Series, the Italian luxury men’s apparel and accessories brand have consistently experimented with garments in fabrics and/or treatments born from research and experimentation processes that have not yet been industrialised. This year, Stone Island has collaborated with Kevlar for its new highly-limited Series 06 Dévoré With Kevlar Core parka.

The Short Fishtail Parka in Dévoré With Kevlar Core is a fabric that was born from the close collaboration between the Kevlar consumer brand R&D team and the Stone Island research and experimentation department. Details released by the company states that the material utilises “stretch broken” technology.

When combined with high-precision Kevlar filament – the sole technology to create an extraordinarily fine yarn – it allows the material to be covered in cotton. The engineered use of the dévoré printing technique disintegrates the cotton yarn, creating an all-over pattern that reveals the Kevlar core with its characteristically yellow colour.

Stone Island Kevlar Design
Stone Island Kevlar Design

Combined, the unveiled yarns create a sort of light technical lace. The resin treatment further adds texture to the lightweight, but strong fabric. Additionally, the parka features a second internal removable hood in polyester felt with frontal Velcro fastening.

The design also features a ‘Kimono’ sleeve construction with opening under the armholes with large hand pockets with diagonal entry. A white badge for Stone Island Textile Research garments is seen on the left sleeve.

The Short Fishtail Parka in Dévoré With Kevlar Core is limited to 100 units and is available exclusively online.

(Images: Stone Island)

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