Steven Ma submits directorial effort to compete at HKFA

9 Dec – Although it is still early, Steven Ma admitted that he has actually submitted his directorial effort to compete at the Hong Kong Film Awards.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared at the premiere of his said film, "Till We Meet Again", shared that he hopes to actively participate in the event next year.

At the same time, Steven also hopes that he could be nominated in the Best New Director category and subsequently win the said accolade.

On the other hand, co-star Josephine Koo said that she would support Steven to win Best Actor for his role in the movie, to which he happily responded, "I am already very happy to be recognised by Josephine."

Asked if he is worried about the box office numbers due to the current sociopolitical climate in Hong Kong, Steven said that he predicted as much.

"I think that if people want to watch it, they will go watch it. This is a purely Hong Kong film, so I hope everybody will support it," he said.

(Photo Source: Steven Ma Instagram)