DJ Steve Aoki has taken more than 300 flights this year – here's how he falls asleep on planes

Holiday season is upon us and whether we enjoy it or not, there are places to go and people to see. The United States Department of Transportation reports that trips to a destination 50 miles away or more increase 54 percent over Thanksgiving and 23 percent during Christmas and New Years. The need for travel advice is at an all-time sky-high, and who better to offer some than someone who spends half their life en-route?

DJ and producer Steve Aoki is a traveling connoisseur, supported by his long-standing partner All Nippon Airways, with whom he inspires travelers to visit his favorite place in the world, Japan.

Aoki caught up with Yahoo Lifestyle’s Kennedy Johnson to offer his top jet-setter travel tips. “I’m doing over 300+ flights a year easy,” says Aoki.

DJ Steve Aoki mid-travel at LAX.

At an ANA event launching newly redesigned seats on their 777-300ER aircraft, Aoki shared how he has traveling down to a science. He says that it’s all about how you pack — and efficiency is key. Aoki suggests you try to gauge what you want to wear for each day of the trip, and always be open to outfit-repeating.

For someone who travels for long hours, often needing to be energized and ready to perform by the time he touches down, Aoki says it’s best to always try to get your sleep on the plane. Who knows when your next opportunity to catch Zzz’s will be?

Aoki tells Johnson that he stocks up on products that make sleeping in-flight as enjoyable as possible, and has tried the best options out there for noise canceling headphones and eye masks.

“I don’t like eye masks that are flat against my eyeballs... when you’re sleeping your eyes are moving.” Aoki opts for an eye masks that offer cushions surrounding the eyes, to avoid pressure on his eyelids. “It makes a bubble around your eyes, like a little baby bra or something,” he jokes.

Here are some top Amazon picks for the best travel products to make your next flight feel like luxury. There’s an option that suits every budget. Follow these tips and you can travel like Steve Aoki, even if you don’t rack up 300 flights this year.

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