Stephy Tang not disappointed by Best Actress loss

21 Apr - Although she failed to win Best Actress at the recently held Hong Kong Film Awards, Stephy Tang stated that she felt no disappointment at all by her loss.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who appeared at the premiere of a new movie recently, shared that regardless of the result, she is happy to have the memory of being part of the Best Actress nominees.

"I received a lot of messages from people after the awards, who said that they still regard me as their best actress. It's so sweet," she said.

However, Stephy did win Best Dressed at the event with her floral Valentino dress.

When mentioned that Alex recently expressed his support for her, Stephy said she is thankful and will continue to work hard in her career.

"I have come to love acting even more now and become more motivated. I hope to continue making the effort, to get more worthy scripts and great characters," she said.

However, Stephy admitted that if there is one thing she felt sad about the awards is that director Chapman To and actress Rachel Leung didn't win in their respective categories.

(Photo Source: HK01)