Stephy Tang has no issue working with bf Prince Chiu

10 Aug – Hong Kong actress Stephy Tang recently stated that she has no issues working alongside boyfriend, JPM's Prince Chiu in future movies.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who sat down for an interview to promote her upcoming film, "L Storm", said that she is willing to work with Prince in a movie, as long as the script is suitable.

"But no one has approached us for such a project," she added.

However, Stephy also stressed that she will not deliberately plan to do a movie with her man, and will only do so if they find a good project to work together.

On the other hand, Hong Kong filmmaker Patrick Kong - who has directed Stephy in movies like "Marriage with a Fool" and "Anniversary" - previously expressed interest in casting the actress and her new boyfriend in his movie in the future.

(Photo Source: Stephy Tang Instagram)