Stephy Tang admits challenge in long-distance relationship

Heidi Hsia
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17 Feb – Stephy Tang recently admitted that the pandemic has made her cherish her relationship with Taiwanese singer Prince Chiu even more than before.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who sat down for an interview recently, admitted that while being in a long-distance relationship was itself not a walk in the park, it posed a bigger challenge what with the pandemic forcing them to stay in their respective regions.

"I used to take [our relationship] for granted since it was easier to see each other. But now, you don't even have to talk about Hong Kong and Taiwan, it's even hard to meet friends in the New Territories. So if you could meet, you would cherish it very much," she said.

Stephy sends her Lunar New Year wishes to everyone
Stephy sends her Lunar New Year wishes to everyone

When asked if she had sung her song, "Don't Leave Me To Be Far" to Prince when they last saw each other, Stephy laughed and joked that they sang the song every day.

However, when asked if the two of them would consider marriage the next time they see each other, the actress responded, "Let's talk about it after the pandemic. There are too many things to think about right now."

Stephy and Prince have been in a steady long-distance relationship since 2018.

She added that what she looked forward to right now is for the customs to be cleared, so that people will be able to travel and meet friends and relatives again.

(Photo Source: Stephy Tang Instagram)