Stephen Shiu Jr hopes to continue working with Myolie Wu

11 Oct – HMV Digital China's Chairman Stephen Shiu Jr. recently confirmed Myolie Wu's departure from the management company.

As reported on ET Net, Shiu, who signed Myolie back in September 2015, confirmed the actress' earlier interview that there had been a lack of suitable roles for her in the company.

According to Shiu, while the two of them have reviewed over a lot of film and television projects together, there was not a lot of them that suited Myolie's preference and situation as a wife and mother.

"We are very good friends in private, and we will continue to work together in the future," said Shiu.

Myolie has only starred in a few projects since joining HMV, including the mainland drama, "Nothing Gold Can Stay".

Her upcoming film with the company, "Death Notify", which co-stars Julian Cheung and Louis Koo, is set for 2019 release.

(Photo Source: Sina Ent)