Stephen Fung says Andy Lau is his saviour

11 Aug - Hong Kong filmmaker Stephen Fung regards Andy Lau as a saviour by agreeing to do his movie, "The Adventurers".

In a Weibo post that he published on 7 August, Stephen shared that he originally cast a different actor (Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng) as one of the leads for the said movie. However, things went awry when Feng told the studio that he wouldn't be able to make it one month before shooting starts.

"I held responsibility for the entire crew, for the trust given by the producers. Hundreds of people have followed me to Cannes, tens of millions were spent. I had to make a decision," he said.

Stephen said that in the few weeks before filming started, he was busy contacting other actors and their management companies. While some couldn't make it due to conflicting schedule, some made bargains, and others simply didn't call him back.

"With two weeks to start filming, the pressure, worry, and anxiety mounted. I had insomnia and suddenly found my hair turning gray. Ten days before shooting, we've tried everything. I was tired, really tired. In this darkest moment, the dawn appeared," wrote Stephen.

He shared that Andy heard the issue and agreed to do the movie. He also coordinated his own schedule and didn't ask for a raise in his paycheck because of the situation.

"He isn't just my actor, but also involved in the whole movie as "The Adventurers" producer," he added.

Stephen also expressed his gratitude to Andy for agreeing to promote the movie with the rest of the cast despite his physical condition.

"We didn't want to affect his rest, but he said that he felt sorry for not being able to stand with everyone at the Shanghai Film Festival earlier and decided to come this time," said the director.

He ended the post by saying his gratitude again to Andy, as well as the rest of the cast and crew for a job well done. He also expressed hope that the audience would love and be entertained by the movie.

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