Stephen Colbert Declares ‘Trump Is a Fascist,’ Then Uses His Monologue to Prove It (Video)

Stephen Colbert is not a fan of Donald Trump, but on the latest episode of “The Late Show,” he issued his most blunt assessment of the disgraced ex-president yet: “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Donald Trump is a fascist.”

Then Colbert spent a good portion of his Tuesday night monologue providing proof of this assertion, which he then fed into a “Donald Trump Dictato-Meter” just to be sure.

“Too harsh to say, Fine. But consider this my friends: Over the past week, Trump has repeatedly compared his political opponents to vermin who he will root out,” Colbert said, referring to a disturbing speech Trump gave recently in which he called his enemies vermin and threatened to use government power to destroy them. Those remarks, as the Washington Post later explained, was effectively identical to rhetoric deployed by Hitler and Mussolini.

“First, okay, that’s dehumanizing his fellow Americans. Second, if he’s really looking for vermin, he should start with his own lawyer, who I believe is an alcoholic mole rat,” Colbert continued.

Colbert then explained how those comments were reported by the press, joking that “some in the media are starting to suspect that the guy who sent a violent mob to murder his vice president so he could stay in power might have a dark side.”

Noting that a Trump aide then responded to criticism by escalating Trump’s threats, Colbert moved on to his second point of evidence, saying, “Here’s another thing that fascists enjoy doing. They cling to power after the voters reject them. That’s what Trump is on trial for in Georgia, where prosecutors have gotten multiple Trump associates to plead guilty.”

The host noted the example of Jenna Ellis, who in testimony Monday admitted that as early as December 2020, Trump had been informed he definitely lost the election and vowed to remain in power anyway. Trump’s closest aides told her, “the boss is not going to leave,” Ellis said.

“That’s not good. The only time you want to hear someone say ‘the boss is not going to leave’ is after the third encore of a Springsteen concert, right before the opening notes of ‘Thunder Road.'”

Colbert’s third point of evidence came from author Jonathan Karl, whose new book about Trump reveals that he claimed to believe the right wing extremist conspiracy theory that he would be somehow reinstated as president even after leaving — among other things, Karl released audio in which Trump said this to him in the summer of 2021.

Following some incredulous jokes about it, Colbert then noted how Trump’s adviser, Stephen Miller, is already planning to enact a massive crackdown on immigrants should Trump managed to return to the White House. “Miller’s new plan includes some of Trump’s greatest hits, like sweeping raids and mass deportations, alongside fresh horrors — rounding up undocumented people and detaining them in giant camps,” noting that Miller attempted to soften the idea of these concentration camps by claiming they would “look professional.”

“It may be a giant step down the road to totalitarianism, but on the bright side, no Crocs,” Colbert said.

Finally, Colbert noted how according to John Kelly, Trump’s former chief of staff, Trump has also expressed admiration for Hitler.

“Okay. I think we have enough data points. Have we proven that Trump is a fascist? To find out let’s bring out the Donald Trump Dictato-Meter.” He then summarized all of the above, causing the meter to break as it went off the charts.

Watch the whole clip above now.

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