Stephen Colbert Celebrates Recent GOP Accomplishments: ‘Father-Son Porn-Sharing’ (Video)

This week, a member of the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives went off on his colleagues, excoriating them for failing to accomplish “one material meaningful, significant thing” he could campaign on. But on “The Late Show” Thursday, Stephen Colbert respectfully disagreed.

In fact he listed several of the GOP House Republican majority’s recent accomplishments, including “father-son porn sharing.” OK yes, Colbert was actually just mocking them.

“Doing nothing so far about George Santos is part of the House GOP’s broader plan to do nothing about anything,” Colbert said as he set up the gag during his monologue. “In fact, these folks are on track to be the least productive Congress since the Great Depression.”

But Colbert took issue with that assessment, joking “I find it very hard to believe that there was a time more depressing than now.”

“The Republicans are sick of the inaction,” Colbert continued. “Like Texas representative and skinhead Santa, Chip Roy. Yesterday Roy went on the House floor and let his fellow GOP colleagues have it.”

Colbert then played footage of Roy’s rant, which among other things including him demanding, “I want my Republican colleagues to give me one thing. One. That I can go campaign on and say we did.”

Cue Colbert.

“Repeatedly humiliate Kevin McCarthy. Elbow each other in the kidneys. Teach us about Father-Son porn sharing. That stuff meant something to me,” Colbert declared. “It was nice to see a Republican stand up and denounce the GOP for doing nothing — until he told us what he wants them to do.”

After playing the rest of Roy’s rant — which basically was an anti-taxation, anti-China, anti-government screed — Colbert quipped, “it’s nice to have a preview of what your drunk uncle is going to be screaming at the cranberries.”

Watch the clip here now:

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