Stephanie Ho survives cyberbullying ordeal: I am still here!

13 Nov– Stephanie Ho recently admitted that the death of Korean idol Sulli really made an impact on her, as she also experienced cyberbullying in the past, particularly for her romance with singer Fred Cheng.

As reported on On CC, the singer, who spoke to the media recently to promote her new song, "Thoughts of Love", which is also the ending theme to TVB's "Finding Her Voice", stated that after reading how Sulli's death might be linked to the bullying she experienced throughout the years, Stephanie stated that it made her feel more empathetic towards the singer.

"Of course, what happened to me couldn't compare to what she suffered, but I do believe that it is very important to be compassionate, especially when leaving comments online. I hope that the internet environment can be improved," she said.

As for her own experience in dealing with cyberbullies, Stephanie said that she had time to think in the two years she went on hiatus that led to her depression. However, the singer is thankful that she was able to surpass it.

"I don't care anymore about whose fault it is and who is to blame. All I know is that I am not dead. I am still here. I see it as a milestone. I have learned a lot from it," she said.

When mentioned that netizens are beginning to accept her relationship with Fred, she responded, "I think they were forced to accept it. Time proves everything. I am very steadfast."

As to whether the two of them will tie the knot in the future, Stephanie stated that it has always been the goal for the both of them.

(Photo Source: Stephanie Ho Instagram)