Stephanie Ho forks out thousands of dollars for face masks

3 Feb – Desperate to stock her own face masks to prevent from getting infected with the Wuhan Coronavirus, Stephanie Ho revealed that she had spent thousands of dollars just on the said item.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer who went to Thailand with fiancé Fred Cheng and their parents to celebrate the Lunar New Year recently, shared photos of the boxes of what appeared to be black masks and revealed that she made the purchase at the airport at the end of their trip.

"Just spent almost $10k on masks! I only buy them for each and every one of my relatives and friends in need. Desperate time desperate measures. Heartache is better than a sore throat," she wrote.

Stephanie later stated that the masks she bought may not be as effective in blocking the epidemic, but that it was "better to have something than nothing".

It is noted that Hong Kong has been facing a shortage of medical-grade face masks, with those available sold at an exorbitant price, prompting many to turn to other countries to purchase them.

(Photo Source: Stephanie Ho Instagram)