Stephanie Ho denies Fred Cheng cheated on her

11 Feb – Stephanie Ho has recently dismissed the idea that her boyfriend Fred Cheng has cheated on her with another woman.

As reported on Mingpao, rumours of Fred's supposed philandering sparked recently when tabloids claimed that the singer hooked up with Chinese fashion model Bebi when he was in Bali attending a friend's wedding.

The rumour was further fuelled by several photos of Bebi with a man resembling the singer, and her sharing Fred's song "Surrender" on social media.

When asked about the rumours, Stephanie stated that she fully trusts her boyfriend and has seen the photos reportedly of Fred and Bebi.

"I have looked at it earlier. It was not Fred. We have also talked about it, and I believe him," she said.

Fred has also denied the rumours, adding that he will not respond to false reports.

On the other hand, Bebi recently clarified that the person that was photographed with her was not Fred and that she and the singer are not acquainted.

She added that Fred is just her favourite singer.

(Photo Source: Bastille Post)