Stephanie Ho denies drunken episode at Anjaylia Chan's wedding

6 Dec – Hong Kong singer Stephanie Ho has recently dismissed rumours that she made a commotion at good friend Anjaylia Chan's wedding in late November.

According to Skypost, tabloids previously reported that the singer allegedly had a drunken meltdown at the event, rambling about someone being a "bad guy", and claiming herself to be single when asked by the emcee at the wedding.

It sparked rumours that she and boyfriend Fred Cheng may have called it quits.

Both Anjaylia and Fred have denied the reports. Anjaylia claimed that everybody was having fun at the wedding, while Fred stressed that he and Stephanie are still very much together.

When asked about it recently, Stephanie, who attended a mall event, stated that the rumours are completely false.

"I have no reason to tell people that I am single nor calling someone a bad guy. [Fred and I] are okay, no problem at all. I don't know how the rumour started," she said.

Nonetheless, Stephanie admitted that she did cry at the wedding, although it was because she was moved by the fact that her two good friends are now married.

"Winki Lai was also there. When I touched her [pregnant] belly, the baby kicked back. I was really moved," she added.

When asked if she was drunk at the wedding, Stephanie claimed that she is good at holding her liquor.

(Photo source: Stephanie Ho Instagram)